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#07 in review: Bandersnatch, Blast Theory, VR and dansathons

A rich theme, jam-packed lineup and ¡WORLD EXCLUSIVE! as #Bandersnatch producer Russell McLean took us through the tools that made a mainstream interaction film phenomenon.

The demos will be back in full force next time around but we tried something different for the 7th Artful Spark: two great panels offering diverse perspectives on what it means to produce interdisciplinary work.

Read on for a quick look back at “Artful Spark #07 Producers, Unite!”

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#07 announced: Producers, Unite!

Often misunderstood but absolutely essential: what makes a great producer?

“Creative cat-herding with pathological positivity”, according to Sarah Ellis (RSC).

In the arts, in broadcast, in digital – and any other creative industry you care to imagine –  producers will be dragging projects off the page and into reality. They are everywhere: the glue, the guide, the lightning rod and the cattle prod.

Artful Spark #07 will celebrate the producers who defy categorisation, revealing the tools, techniques and mistakes made in cross-artform production. We’ll explore the experience of self-producing, how producers reflect the cultural values of the institutions they work for, and what professional development looks like in a rapidly changing landscape.

The evening will also be packed with demos that exemplify boundary defying-work.

RichMix, Wednesday 30th Jan, doors 6pm

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